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Georg Cornet

Born 1858-07-27
Died 1915-03-26

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German physician,born July 27, 1858, Eichstädt, Bavaria; died March 26, 1915, Berlin.

Biography of Georg Cornet

Georg Cornet attended the University of Munich, studying under Karl von Voit (1831-1908), Nicolaus Ruedinger (1832-1896), Hugo Wilhelm von Ziemssen (1829-1902), and Max Josef von Pettenkofer (1818-1901). In 1882 he became co-assistant at the dermatological clinic of Posselt, in 1883 at the clinic of von Ziemssen. After graduating he left Munich, spending two winters studying the health resorts of Italy and Southern France. From the spring of 1885 he was for one year assistant to Hermann Brehmer (1826-1889) in Brehmer’s institution for diseases of the lungs in Görbersdorf. He subsequently worked with Robert Koch (1843-1910) at the institute of hygiene, and moved with Koch to the newly established Institut für Infektions-krankheiten.

Beginning in 1886, during the summer months Cornet practiced in Reichenhall, Bavaria, spending the rest of the year with scientific work in Berlin. His work paricularly concern the investigation of tuberculosis in bacteriological, clinical, statistic and prophylactical contexts. He was the first to demonstrate tubercle bacilluses outside the body; the limited spread of the same based on these investigations (non-ubuquity) occasioned him to demand more precise prophylactical rules. His suggestions were used as a basis for public prophylactic measures, particularly in Prussia, but later also elsewhere.

Cornet died in Berlin of spotted typhus he had contracted during his military service.

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