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Arthur Hill Hassall

Born 1817
Died 1894

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British physician and chemist, born September 13, 1817, Teddington near London; died April 10, 1894.

Biography of Arthur Hill Hassall

Arthur Hill Hassall studied in Dublin. He was a pupil of Sir James Murray, became a physician to the Royal Free Hospital in London and 1851 doctor of the London University. He practiced in London from 1845, later on the Isle of Wight and then lived for periods in San Remo in north-western Italy. His numerous works concern anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and pathological anatomy, botany and zoology, but particularly hygiene and public health. His work on the falsification of food had as a consequence a Parliamentary act against the falsification of foodstuffs. He was founder and consulting physician to the Royal National Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest of Ventnor (Isle of Wight) - into which 130 patients could be admitted - each with a separate bedroom.

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