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David Lawrence Rimoin

Born  1936

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American human geneticist and paediatrician, born November 9, 1936, Montreal, Quebec.

Biography of David Lawrence Rimoin

After obtaining an MSc degree and a medical qualification from the McGill University in 1961, David Lawrence Rimoin interned at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal and at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. In 1967 Rimoin was appointed as head of the genetic clinic at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. Three years later he moved to the University of California Medical Center, Torrance. In 1973 Rimoin came to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, where his positions and appointments have been as chairman, Departments of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics, holder of the Steven Spielberg Family Chair in
Pediatrics, director of the Ahmanson Pediatric Center, and director of the Medical Genetics-Birth Defects Center. He was also appointed professor Pediatrics and Medicine, UCLA.

Rimoin has been a highly productive researcher and medical author in several fields. His current work (2000) is on the skeletal dysplasias, therapy in bone dysplasias, and UCLA intercampus medical genetics training program.


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  • Alan E.H. Emery, David L. Rimoin:
    Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics.
    2nd edition. 2 volumes. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh 1990.
    3rd edition, New York, Churchill Livingstone, 1997.
    A veritable encyclopaedia of medical genetics, this classic text is the only comprehensive book that authoritatively explains the relationship between the science of genetic medicine and clinical practice. The Third Edition has been exhaustively updated and expanded by more than 200 international contributors - a list that reads like a Who's Who of genetics experts. The Third Edition, practically an entirely new book, will help readers keep up with the advances in the field that affects their practice. Included in this edition is a revised section on basic principles with up-to-date information on molecular and cytogenetic diagnosis analysis, an increased emphasis on cancer genetics for both common and rarer inherited cancers and 31 totally new chapters.
  • D.L. Rimoin:
    Limb lengthening: past, present, and future.
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    Journal of Medical Genetics, London, October 1997, Volume 34 No 10.

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