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August Franz Joseph Karl Mayer

Born 1787
Died 1865

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German anatomist and physiologist, born November 2, 1787, Schwäbish-Gmünd, Württemberg; died November 9, 1865, Bonn.

Biography of August Franz Joseph Karl Mayer

August Franz Joseph Karl Mayer studied in Tübingen and received his doctorate in 1812. In 1813 he became prosector in Bern and 1815 professor of anatomy, pathological anatomy and physiology in that town. In 1819 he accepted an invitation to assume the same position in Bonn, where he maintained a large practice besides his academic duties. He held this position until 1856, when he retired to make place for his successors, Maximilian Johann Sigismund Schultze (1825-1874) and Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-1894).

Mayer was a very prolific writer, publishing some 145 works. Most of them, however, deserve oblivion (and got what they deserved), being written in the tradition of the natural philosophers (im naturphilosophischen Sinne),

The works mentioned below are of a more «exact» nature.

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