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Giuseppe Dagnini

Born  1866
Died  1928

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Italian clinician, Born May 19, 1866, Bologna; died October 19, 1928.

Biography of Giuseppe Dagnini

Giuseppe Dagnini attended the university of Bologna where he received his doctorate in 1891. He subsequently worked in the physiological institute under Albertoni and as assistant in the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna under Cantalamessa. In 1892 he came to Augusto Murri (1841-1932) as assistant and aiuto, with whom he remained until 1903. In 1896 he was habilitated for special medical pathology, and in 1903 became physician-in-chief at the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna. He retired in 1919.

Dagnini’s most important work concerned the heart and vascular diseases (venous pulse, precystolic liver pulse, arrhythmia, cause of double crural murmur), as well as neurology (pathology of the movements of eye muscles, tonus and function of the front head muscles in hemiplegics). Independently of Bernhard Aschner he described the so-called oculocardial reflex in 1908.

Dagnini was the editor of the journal Malattie del cuore e dei vasi, later renamed Cuore e circolazione.

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  • Analisi di alcune forme di alloritma cardiaca. Bologna, 1908.

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