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Georg Theodor Ziehen

Born  1862
Died  1950

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German neurologist and psychiatrist, born November 12, 1862, Frankfurt am Main, Died 1950.

Biography of Georg Theodor Ziehen

Georg Theodor Ziehen studied in Würzburg and Berlin, where he received his doctorate in 1885. He spent his period as assistant in Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum’s (1828-1899) private Heilanstalt für Nerven und Gemütskranke in Görlitz, Saxony, along the Neisser River in the extreme eastern Germany, and was head physician at the psychiatric clinic in Jena. He was habilitated for psychiatry and neurology at Jena in 1887, becoming ausserordentlicher professor in 1892. In 1900 he followed a call as full professor at Utrecht, 1903 at Halle, then from 1904 to 1912 at Berlin. Following several years stay as a Privatgelehrter in Wiesbaden, he assumed the ordinariat of philosophy at Halle an der Saale. He was emerited in 1930 and subsequently lived in Wiesbaden.


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  • Über die allgemeinen Beziehungen zwischen Gehirn und Seelenleben.
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  • Die Prinzipien und Methoden der Begabungs-, insbesondere der Intelligenzprüfung.
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  • Die Erkennung der psychopathischen Konstitutionen und die öffentliche Fürsorge für psychopatisch veranlagte Kinder.
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  • Die Geisteskrankheiten des Kindesalters einschliesslich des Schwachsinns und der psychopathischen Konstitutionen.
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  • Das Seelenleben der Jugendlichen.
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  • Die Grundlagen der Charakterologie. Langensalza, 1930.
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