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William Herbert Ward

Born  1894
Died  1972

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Australian physician, born January 17, 1894, Randwick, New South Wales; died July 28, 1972, Newcastle, New South Wales.

Biography of William Herbert Ward

This biography of Ward was submitted by Patrick Jucker-Kupper, Switzerland:

William Herbert Ward was the son of Robert and Evelyn Ward. Too young to enter the medical faculty, he studied one year arts at the University of Sydney, before changing to medicine. The First World War interrupted his studies in 1916, when he joined the Fifth Field Ambulance of the Infantry Brigade 4 of the AIF (Australian Imperial Force). He served as stretcher-bearer in Egypt and France. After being wounded he came home and resumed his medical studies.

In 1920 he graduated and in 1921 he started practice at Denman. The same year he married Lola Jarret (1895-1982), with whom he should have two children, Peter and Wendy (married Young). In 1925 he moved to Footscray in Melbourne. After the outbreak of World War II he enlisted in the 2nd AIF, as the volunteer forces were named in analogy to those of World War I. He became commanding officer (CO) in the 2/13 Field Ambulance in the Middle East. Later he served as Assistant Director of Medical Services (ADMS) in the 1st armoured Division and in Bougainville.

In 1947 he was back in his general practice at Footscray. In 1948 he obtained his diploma in Dermatological Medicine at the University of Sidney.

Later he moved to Newcastle, were he became Senior Dermatologist and at one stage President of the medical board of the Royal Newcastle Hospital. He was President of the Dermatological Association of Australia, a foundation member of the Australasian College of Dermatologist and president of the New South Wales branch of the British Association of Dermatology.

Bert, how he was called in New South Wales, was an enthusiastic sportsman. His favourite sport was rugby. He was also very musical and a talented pianist.


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