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Robert Wartenberg

Born 1886
Died 1956

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American neurologist, born June 19, 1886, Grodno, Russia; died November 16, 1956, San Francisco.

Biography of Robert Wartenberg

Robert Wartenberg has been called the Stormy Petrel of Neurology and the Rebel of Book Reviewers. He graduated from the University of Rostock in 1919. He worked with Max Nonne (1861-1959) in Hamburg and Otfrid Foerster (1873-1941) in Breslau (Wroclaw, Poland). In 1933 he became head of the nerve clinic at Freiburg and Privatdozent in neurology. However, he was persecuted by the Nazis, and in 1935 he left Germany and settled in San Francisco. In 1952 he was appointed clinical professor of neurology at the University of California.

    This 'Sherlock Holmes' in the discipline of neurology, always searching for truth accuracy and dependability of researcher, clinician or writer, advanced his endowment into book reviewing. His acrid criticism was accurate, for the succeeding edition always embodied all recommendations, but at all times everyone benefited from the Wartenberg warmth, for he never made enemies with his microscopic scrutiny of facts in his unique but complete review of a tome.
    Louis D. Boshes
    Department of Neurology, College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago.
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