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Adolf Wallenberg

Born  1862
Died  1949

Related eponyms

German internist, born November 10, 1862, Preuss.-Stargard. died 1949.

Biography of Adolf Wallenberg

Adolf Wallenberg studied at Heidelberg and Leipzig, receiving his doctorate from the latter University in 1886. From 1886 to 1888 he was assistant in the Städtisches Krankenhaus in Danzig, where he settled as a practitioner. From 1907 to 1928 he was director of the internal department of the hospital, becoming titular professor in 1910.

While working with Ludwig Edinger (1855-1919) he described the avian brain, and examined the role of the olfactory system in the assessment, recognition, and ingestion of food.

With Edinger, and later alone, he published the Jahresberichte über die Leistungen auf dem Gebiete der Anatomie des Zentralnervensystems.

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