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Franz Tangl

Born  1866
Died  1917

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Austrian-Hungarian physiologist and pathologist, born January 26, 1866, Budapest; died December 19, 1917, Budapest.

Biography of Franz Tangl

Franz Tangl attended the University of Budapest and worked as an assistant in the Budapest pathological institute and the histological institute at Graz. He first became professor of histology and physiology at the Budapest veterinary high school, and in 1903 was appointed ordinarius of medical chemistry at the University of Budapest, in 1914 professor of physiology at the same university.

Tangl published the journal Arbeiten auf dem Gebite der chemischen Physiologie.


  • A diphteria eatiologiájârol
    [The etiology of diphetria]. Budapest, 1891.
  • Utmutató a baktriologiában
    [Guide to bacteriology]. Budapest, 1894.
  • A kir. álattani kisérleti állomás
    [The royal veterinary test station]. Budapest, 1898.
  • A bezombolyázott sásosés békarokká széna tápértéke
    [The nutritional value of hay]. Budapest, 1902.
  • Untersuchungen über die Hydrogenionen-Konzentration im Inhalte des nüchternen menschlichen Magens.
    Tübingen, 1906.

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