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Olof Jakob Ekman

Born  1764-03-12
Died  1839-06-27

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Swedish physician, born March 12, 1764, Stockholm; died June 27, 1839, Stockholm.

Biography of Olof Jakob Ekman

Olof Jakob Ekman studied at Uppsala, where he was conferred doctor of medicine under Ackel in 1788 with a dissertation entitled Descriptio et casus aliquot osteomalaciae. Already in 1787 he became Mag. chir zum Adjuncten der Geburtshilfe and in 1788 was aappointed Reg.-Arzt. In 1790 he served as field physician in Carslskrona in 1898 and became professor of anatomy at the Academy of Arts. In 1809 was field physician to the coastal army, 1813 deputy and in 1822 chief physician to the naval army and 1st. regimental physician to the Stockholm fleet squadron.

Besides some papers in Veckoskrift för Läkare och Naturforskare (VI) and Svenska Läkare-Sällskapets Handlingar, Stockholm (I, IV) he wrote:


  • Utdrag ur Adams afhandling om Sibben eller Sivens i Skottland. Tr. 1813, och åtföljer Sammandraget av Berättelserna om Veneriska sjukdomen.

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