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Pieter Klaases Pel

Born 1852
Died 1919

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Dutch physician, born 1852, Drachten, Friesland; died February 15, 1919, Amsterdam.

Biography of Pieter Klaases Pel

Pieter Klaases Pela, the son of a physician, enrolled at the University of Leiden in 1869 and received his doctorate in 1876. After working as an assistant to Samuel Siegmund Rosenstein (1832-1906) at Leiden, he received further education in Berlin, Paris, and Vienna, perfecting himself in laryngology at the latter university. In 1877 Pel became assistant under professor Barend Joseph Stokvis (1834-1902) in Amsterdam, teaching as Lektor from 1880. In 1883 he was appointed Stokvis’ successor as professor of clinical medicine, holding this tenure until his death in 1919.

Pel was an excellent teacher and very poular with students. He wrote textbooks on the heart, stomach and liver, but ill health forced him to retire in 1919 and he died shortly after.

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