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Thomas Rautenstrauch

Born 1942

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German paediatrician, born February 17, 1942, Zwickau/Sachsen.

Biography of Thomas Rautenstrauch

Thomas Rautenstrauch is a specialist in diseases of children and adolescents, practising in Haar. He was born in Zwickau in Saxony in 1942 and grew up in Sulz am Neckar and Ebingen in Baden-Württemberg.

Rautenstrauch studied medicine in Tübingen and Hamburg from 1961 to 1967, passing the state examination in Hamburg in 1967. As an intern he then received postgraduate training in surgery, internal medicine and gynaecology and, during this two year period, spent six months at the école des prématurés in Paris. In 1969 he spent one year doing surgery in M.-Oberföhring under Dr.Dr. Snopkowski. From 1970 to 1974 he worked in the Kinderzentrum München under Professor Hellbrügge, and from September 1974 he was assistant physician in the Kinderklinik München Harlaching under professor H.-D. Pache, Dr. Mayser and Professor Tympner.

Rautenstrauch has been living in Munich since 1969. He became a licensed specialist in children's diseases in 1976.

Rautenstrauch's special fields are investigations in developmental neurology as well as EEG-measurements and ultrasoundinvestigations of the hip, upper abdomen and brain in children.

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