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Percival Bailey

Born  1892
Died  1973

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American surgeon, born May 9, 1892, Illinois; died 1973.

Biography of Percival Bailey

Percival Bailey was neurosurgeon, physiologist, philosopher, and tireless investigator. He attended the University of Chicago and the Northwestern University, Chicago. After receiving his doctorate at the University of Chicago in 1918 he worked at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago and at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. He went to England and Paris, working at the Salpêtrière and the Hospice St. Anne in Paris.

From 1926 to 1928 he was instructor of surgery at the Harvard Medical School, from 1928 he was active at the Albert Merritt Billings Hospital in Chicago. He was appointed professor of surgery at the University of Chicago in 1929.

His preferred working field was the brain. One of his works was supported by Cushing. In his later years he also devoted himself to psychiatry, ardently attacking the teachings of Sigmund Freud. He was director of the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute.

«I am not one of those who believe that prefaces are written but not read. Sometimes the preface suffices.»
American Journal of Psychiatry, Washington, 1956, 113: 387.


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    Medullablastoma cerebelli: a common type of midcerebellar glioma of childhood.
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  • P. Bailey, H. W. Cushing:
    A Classification of the Tumors of the Glioma Group on a Histogenetic Basis with a Correlated Study of Prognosis.
    Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott, 1926.
    Reprinted, New York, 1970.
    First German translation by A. Cammann:
  • Die Gewebsverschiedenheiten der Hirngliome und ihre Bedeutung für die Prognose.
    Jena, Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1930.
  • P. Bailey, H. W. Cushing:
    Tumors arising from the blood vessels of the brain.
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  • P. Bailey, D. N. Buchanan, Paul Clancy Bucy (1904-):
    Intracranial Tumors of Infancy and Childhood.
    University of Chicago, 1939.
    The first serious and detailed study of the subject.

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