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Edmund Gottfred Hansen Grut

Born  1831-01-15
Died  1907-06-13

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    Danish ophthalmologist, born January 15, 1831, Copenhagen; died June 13, 1907, Hummeltofte.

    Biography of Edmund Gottfred Hansen Grut

    Edmund Gottfred Hansen Grut was the son of Andreas Nicolaj Hansen (1798-1873), a merchant, and Emma Eliza, née Grut (1803-1865). Until 1882 his name was Hansen, but by royal licence of July 12 that year he took his mother’s birth name.

    He began his studies at the University of Copenhagen in 1847 and served in a military hospital during the war with Germany in 1850. He passed his state examination in 1854 and then went abroad for further studies under Louis-Auguste Desmarres (1810-1881) in Paris, Franz Cornelis Donders (1818-1889) in Utrecht, and Albrecht von Graefe (1822-1870) in Berlin. After his return to Copenhagen he obtained his doctoral degree in 1857 with a treatise on the ophthalmic mirror.

    From 1859 to 1861 Hansen was assistant physician at the university surgical clinic at the Frederiks Hospital. In 1863 he established the first complete eye clinic in Copenhagen, while also teaching ophthalmology as a Privatdozent. Hansen Grut was a man of considerable private means.

    His greatest importance lies in the fact that he used his large material in the teaching of students and young teachers. All of the next generation of Danish ophthalmologists was his pupils. He was a Privatdozent until 1882 when he was appointed deputy lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. In 1888 he was appointed professor in ordinary to a newly founded chair of diseases of the eye. He held his chair until 1896.

    Hansen Grut authored a large number of journal papers, mainly surveys and bulletins on the development of his speciality, and 1888–1892 he was the publisher of Nordisk oftalmologisk Tidsskrift, in which is found one of his most important papers on squint. He also published frequently in the Hospitals Tidende.


    Edmund Hansen Grut:
    A contribution of the pathogenesis of concomitant squinting.
      Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom,
       London, 1890, 10: 1.

    Konrad K. K. Lundsgaardf, Edmund Gottfred Hansen Grut:
    Edmund Gottfred Hansen Grut 1831-1931. Jørgensen, 1931.
      From the Danish Society of Medical History to ist members.

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