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Halban Josef

Born 1870-10-10
Died 1937-04-23

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Austrian obstetrician and gynaecologist,

Biography of Halban Josef

Josef Halban was of Jewish descent. He was the son of Pinkus Lobel Blumenstock (Philip von  Halban, 1840–1907) and  (Anna) Sara Hinda Danaszek (1852–1901).
He was a gynaecologist with a spacial interest in anatomy and physiology. He was for several years an assistant in Friedrich Schauta’s (1849-1919) birth clinic, and then worked in the Institut Pasteur in Paris. In 1893 he became a Privatdozent for obstetrics and gynaecology, obtaining his doctorate in 1894.

From 1895 to 1898 he was an apprectice in surgery at the clinic of Eduard Albert (1841–1900). In 1903 he became professor extraordinary at the University of Vienna, where he was head of the Department of Gyneacology at the hospital Wieden from 1910.

In 1910 Josef Halban married Selma Kurz (1874–1933), a famous opera singer, also of Jewish descent. They had two children. He was raised to the nobility in 1917. In 1890 he abandoned Judaism.

Josef Halban wrote several gyneacological works. He is particularly remembered for his work on the internal secretion of the ovaries. He was  the first to demonstrate the endocrine origin of menstruation.

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