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Charles F. M. Saint


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South-African surgeon, born 1886, Bedlington, Northumberland, died 1973.

Biography of Charles F. M. Saint

Charles C. F. Saint spent most og his career at the Groote Schur Hospital in Capetown. He graduated in medicine  from the Durham University in 1908 and subsequently became assistant to professor Rutherford Morrison in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After serving in World War I, receiving high awards from both England and France, he was appointed to the chair of surgery in Cape Town, South Africa.

It was one of his students, C. J. B. Muller, who described the triad, which Saint had frequently mentioned on his rounds. He himself did not wrote anything on the topic until 1966 when he described the story of the its recognition in the Review of Surgery. Saint retired from the Groote Shur Hospital in 1945 and later worked on the Island of Sark until ca 1960.
Saint exeerted a great influence on surgical tarining and teaching in South Africa and on his retirement his Chair was taken by one of his students, J. H. Louw. One of his pupils was Christian Barbard, who in 1968 performed the first heart transplant on a human being.

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