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Sergei Timofeevich Velhover

Born  1887
Died  1942-12-11

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    Russian physician and bacteriologist, born 1887, Kazan, Russia; died December 11, 1942, Kazan, USSR.

    Biography of Sergei Timofeevich Velhover

    Sergei Timofeevich Velhover was the son of a Kazan merchant. He graduated from the medical faculty of Kazan Imperial University and in 1917-1918 had a medical practice in Barnaul. Subsequently he worked in the 1st municipal hospital for infectious diseases in Kazan as a bactriologist. Later he became chief of the bacteriological laboratory.

    In 1934 he described the dependence of metachromasy in Corinebacteria on the phase changes of the Sun electromagnetic activity, and later confirmed the same for Lactobacilli. Together with his friend Chizhevsky he related this phenomenon to the pathogenicity of Corynebacteria and to historical dynamics of diphtheric epidemics. 

    We thank Leonid P. Churilov for information submitted.


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