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Hermann Coenen

Born  1875-11-21
Died  1956-12-07

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    German surgeon, born November 21, 1875, Tecklenburg in Teutoburger Wald, Westfalen; died December 7, 1956, Münster, Westfalen.

    Biography of Hermann Coenen

    Hermann Coenen studied in Freiburg, Leipzig, Munich, Berlin, and Kiel, receiving his doctorate in Berlin in 1897. He first worked at the pathological institute in Berlin under Rudolf Virchow ((21-1902), then was assistant at the surgical clinic in Berlin with Ernst von Bergmann (1836-1907)  and in Breslau with Hermann Küttner (1870-1932). He was habilitated for surgery in Breslau in 1908, became titular professor in 1911 and in 1923 was called to the University of Münster as the first ordinarius of this discipline.


    Über die Salze des menschlichen Blutserums.
    Inaugural dissertation, March 16, 1897. 27 pages.

    Das Trigeminusganglion des Orang. Kurze Mitteilung.
    Archiv für Mikroskopische Anatomie, 1902, 60 (1): 514-516.

    Der Gasbrand. Berlin : Springer, 1919. 130 pages.

    Die Geschwülste.
    In Martin Kirschner (1879-1942) and Otto Nordman (1926-1930): Die Chirurgie; volume 2, 1. Berlin and Vienna, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1928.
    Erfahrungsbericht vom 31. März 1942 an den Generalarzt im Wehrkreis VI Münster
    Coenen described a case in which the hand of a machine gun oprator’s hand was frozen to the gun.

    Coenen was a contributor to Allgemeine Chirurgie, volume 2 of Die Chirurgie.
    Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1940. 851 pages.

    Zum Jahre der Morphiumentdeckung Sertürners.
    Nachtrag zu Archiv der Pharmazie und Berichte der Deutschen Pharmazeutischen Gesellschaft, Weinheim, 1954, 287 (59): 165.
    Referring to the German pharmacist Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertürner (1783-1841) who discovered morphine in 1804.

    Primäre Tuberkelgeschwulst der Nasenhöhle.

    Isidor Fischer (1869-1943), publisher:
    Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte der letzten fünfzig Jahre.
    Berlin – Wien, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1932.

    E. Eichhoff:
    [On the 80th anniversary of Hermann Coenen] [ Article in German]
    Zentralblatt für Chirurgie, Leipzig, 1955, 80 (43): 1745-1747.

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