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Henle Adolf Richard

Born  1884-09-26
Died  1936

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    German obstetrician and gynaecologist, born September 26, 1864, Berlin; died 1936.

    Biography of Henle Adolf Richard

    Adolf Richard Henle studied in Greifswald, Freiburg, and Würzburg graduating M.D. in Greifswald 1896. He was assistant to Paul Albert Grawitz (1850-1932) in Greifswald and then under Ernst Franke (1857-1925) and Theodor Rumpel (1862-1923)  in Hamburg-Eppendorf. Following thihe concentrated  his efforts in obstetrics and gynaecology, working as assistant at the Berlin university women’s clinic under  Robert Michaelis von Olshausen (1835-1915), and in 1907 became ordinarius in Greifswald, 1910 in Jena.


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