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Richard Bauer

Born  1879-04-12
Died  1959-09-03

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    Austrian internist, born April 12, 1879, Vienna; died September 3, 1959, Vienna.

    Biography of Richard Bauer

    Richard Bauer studied in his native city and received his doctorate there in 1903. From 1903 to 1917 he was Hilfsarzt and assistant under Edmund von Neusser (1852-1912) at the internal clinic. He was habilitated for internal medicine in Vienna in 1912, holding the title of professor extraordinary from 1926. From 1917 he worked as headf physician at the Wieden hospital.

    Bauer, a Jew, was persecuted by the Nazis. On Apri 22, 1938, he lost his position and was ousted from his job as professor at the medical faculty of the University of Vienna. He emigrated to the USA, but returned to Austria in 1955.

    His work concerns the field of serology as well as diseases of the liver.


    Weitere Untersuchungen über alimentäre Galaktosurie.
    Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1906; 56: 2532-2546.

    Lues und innere Medizin. Leipzig and Vienna, 1910.

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