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Arthur Cyril Hudson

Born  1875-11-30
Died  1962-05-12

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    English ophthalmologist, born November 30, 1875; died May 12, 1962.

    Biography of Arthur Cyril Hudson

    Arthur Cyril Hudson was the youngest son of the vicar of Bingley, Yorkshire. He was educated at Rugby and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took an honours degree and played tennis for the University. He entered St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School in 1899, qualified M.B., B.Chir. in 1902. He obtained his M.D. in 1906 and F.R.C.S. (England) in 1905.

    He held general surgical as well as ophthalmic apppointments at St. Thomas's before becoming House Surgeon at The Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital (Moorfields Eye Hospital). He was appointed as Curator and during his tenure of this post he gained extensive experience of ocular pathology.

    During these early years he produced several valuable publications and was largely responsible for improving aseptic methods in the operating theatres and greatly reduced the infectivity rate which resulted from eye operations in the early years of the century.

    In 1913 he was appointed Honorary Surgeon to Moorfields and on the retirement of John Bowring Lawford (1858-1934)  in 1915 joined John Herbert Fisher (1867-1933) at St. Thomas's Hospital, taking charge of the eye department in 1924 with Philip Geoffrey Doyne (1886-1959) as his junior. He resigned from Moorfields at the early age of 53, partly to make way for a younger man, but continued at his undergraduate hospital until he reached retiring age in 1935.

    To his post-graduate students he was the best teacher of his day because of the thoroughness of his examinations with the simple apparatus then available and his willingness to discuss problems fully.

    His obituary describes him as ”a true Edwardian and a relic of the days of the hansom cab, gaslight, and the golden sovereign, and he went through life without a wife, a secretary, or a motor car. As a bachelor he had plenty of time for reading and was a most excellent conversationalist, for he bad acquired knowledge of almost every subject and was especially strong on furniture, works of art, natural history, and salmon fishing. He filled his large house with antiques and became an authority on Persian rugs. All his reports were written personally in long hand and in his letters there was seldom a word without object and nothing was altered or erased. In London he always travelled by cab and his only other journeys were by rail to Scotland for he never went abroad.”

    His hobby was fly fishing for salmon and his annual holidays were spent on the river Oykell where he was a delightful and generous host.


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