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William Ray Rumel

Born 1911-03-25
Died 1977-09-20

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American surgen, born March 25, 1911, Salt Lake City; died September 20, 1977, Salt Lake City.

Biography of William Ray Rumel

William Ray Rumel was the second son of Steven Henry Rumel (1887-1958) and Mary Ethel Knighton Rumel (1885-1957). He grew up on the family farm west of Salt Lake City and attended the LDS High School in Salt Lake City, and then the University of Utah. After two years in medicine at that university he went on the Northwestern University in Chicago for the completion of his medical training. He interned at Cook County Hospital in 1935-1936.

He was a pioneer of heart and lung surgery. His name is attached to several surgical instruments, but he is now mostly remembered for his Rumel tourniquet and the ability to repair the diseased mitral valve without replacing it.

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