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Sims Emil Patrik Haglund

Born 1870
Died 1937

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Swedish orthopaedist, born May 27, 1870, Norrköping; died December 8, 1937, Stockholm.

Biography of Sims Emil Patrik Haglund

Sims Emil Patrik Haglund was the son of a general practitioner. He entered the University of Uppsala in 1888 and graduated as a licentiate in 1899. He was conferred doctor of medicine in 1903

Haglund received his basic education in pathology and bacteriology under professor Carl Jonas Gustaf Sundberg (1859-1931) and his surgical training with K. Lennander in Uppsala. In 1902 he also worked for half a year in Berlin with Albert Hoffa (1859-1907), then the foremost German orthopaedist. In 1904 he became Dozent of orthopaedic surgery at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

The development of the "new" orthopaedics had been made possible by the advancements in anaesthetics, aseptics and X-ray. The continued positive development of according to Haglund was not only a question of innovations in advanced surgery, but as much a question of what  might be won from gymnastic orthopaedics and the resources of bandage orthopaedics".

 As a person Haglund is described as rather open, a man looked up to by his younger colleagues. He was part of the Verdandi-circle of students in Uppsala in the 1890's and later maintained regular contact with his former fellow students. After moving to Stockholm he regularly held open dinner and music evenings in his home. Haglund was a good singer. He was also an accomplished sailor who took advantage of every opportunity to set out to sea.

Haglund had a broad social engagement and was an advocate of the handicapped and society's underprivileged. As the instigator of major improvements in the aid to the handicapped, he was also a pioneer in rehabilitation.

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