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Jean Marie Charles Abadie

Born  1842
Died  1932

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French ophthalmologist.

Biography of Jean Marie Charles Abadie

Abadie became interne des hôpitaux in 1868. He was conferred doctor of medicine in 1870 and worked in the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris. He was known for his contribution to surgical measurement of trachoma as well as the treatment of glaucoma. He introduced the injection of alcohol into the Gasserian ganglion in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.


Besides numerous contributions to the journals Annales d’oculistique and Archives d’ophthalmologie he wrote:
  • Spasmes des muscles de l'oeuil.
  • Traité des maladies des yeux. Paris, 1876/1877.
  • Leçons de clinique ophthalmologique. Paris, 1881.
  • Nouveau traitement de l'ophthalmie sympathique. Paris, 1890.

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