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Léon Dufourmentel

Born 1884
Died 1957

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French surgeon, Born 1884; died July 29, 1957.

Biography of Léon Dufourmentel

In France, Leon Dufourmentel is remembered as the only surgeon practising plastic surgery after World War I. He was a specialist in maxillo-facial surgery and head of the department of reconstructive surgery.

He was the son of a merchant. He interned at the Paris hospitals and later head of the clinic of the medical feculty in Paris. He was also head of a department of reconstructive surgery.

During World War I he established a unit for maxillo-facial surgery. In 1918 he devised the graft technique named for him, Greffe Dufourmentel. He was the son-in-law of the anatomist Pierre Sebileau (1860-1953) and the father of the plastic surgeon Claude Dufourmentel (born 1915)

Leon Dufourmentel said in 1948, "...If I went to Picasso for my portrait, he would probably make me a monster and I should be pleased because it would be worth a million francs. But if Picasso came to me with a facial injury and I made him into a monster, aha, he might not be so pleased."

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