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Samuel Meyer Weingrow

Born  1901
Died  1973

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    American neurologist and neurosurgeon, born December 31, 1901; died October 1973.

    Biography of Samuel Meyer Weingrow

    We thank Patrick Jucker-Kupper, Switzerland, for information submitted.


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    • S. M. Weingrow:
      Hepatic percussion zones in essential epilepsy.
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    • Harold A. Patterson and Samuel M. Weingrow:
      Variations in the blood picture of epileptics.
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    • S. M. Weingrow:
      Xanthoma tuberosum.
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    • Samuel M. Weingrow:
      Observations on some visceral conditions in geneal epilepsy and in convulsions of experimental origin.
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      From the Deparrtment of Neurology and the Nruo-Surgical Laboratory of Columbia University.
      Read at the eighty-sevent annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, Section on Convulsive Disorders, Toronto, Canada, June 1, 1931.
    • S. M. Weingrow:
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    • Samuel M. Weingrow, M.D.
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    • Samuel M. Weingrow, M.D.
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    • Samuel M. Weingrow, Thomas S. P. Fitch, Albert W. Piggott:
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      The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Seprtember 1938, 88 (3): 281-308.

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