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Victor-Auguste-François Morel-Lavallée

Born 1811
Died 1865

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French surgeon, born August 24, 1811, Bion, Manche; died April 29, 1865.

Biography of Victor-Auguste-François Morel-Lavallée

Victor-Auguste-François Morel-Lavallée became doctor of medicine in Paris in 1842. In the year of 1844 he began participating in concourses, and in 1851, through concours, he became Chirurgien de Hôpitaux, and continued, competing for a chair of clinical surgery.

Despite his competence, both in science as well as in practical surgery, and repeated efforts, he never received an appointment. This was probably due to his rather unpolished ways, his lack oc association with a Coterie and his staunch independence. However, he was president of the Soc. de chir in 1862. He died suddenly in 1865, probably of a rupture of an aorta aneurysm from which he had suffered for some time.

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