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Florian Verrey

Born 1911
Died 1976

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Swiss ophthalmologist, 1911-1976.

Biography of Florian Verrey

Florian Verrey was a third generation ophthalmologist. He worked under Marc Amsler in Lausanne in 1939. In 1944 he followed Amsler to Zurich, where he was in charge of the polyclinic in 1951 and became professor in 1960. Verrey was interested in uveitis and chemistry of aqueous. He published "Clinique de l'Humeur Aqueuse Pathologique" in 1951. He collaborated • with Amsler and Huber on. "L'humeur Aqueuse et ses Fonctions" in a report to the Ophthalmological Society that was published in 1957. In 1964 Verrey listed 130 different diseases in which uveitis may occur. Verrey was the author of 74 papers. The Florian Verrey-Stiftung was named for him. It was laid down on January 27, 1997.

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