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Samuel Addison Marable

Born 1928
Died 1970

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American surgeon, Born February 10, 1928, Clarksville; died February 21, 1970.

Biography of Samuel Addison Marable

Samuel Addison Marable was the son of J. Hartwell Marable and Myrna Posters. He attended Clarksville public schools and was graduated as valedictorian of his 1946 class. He completed pre-medical studies at Vanderbilt Hospital where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received the Founders Medal and was graduated magna cum laude. After completing a degree in 1952 he completed a surgical internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Dr. Marable served as a medical officer in the U.S. Navy, and subsequently did residency training in general and thoracic surgery at the University of California Medical Center in Los Angeles. He then remained at UCLA as an instructor in surgery and was also a member of the attending staff. Although open heart surgery had not yet made its appearance, the refinement of operative technique and instrumentation used in closed heart operational procedures performed by dr. Marable and other surgeons.

In 1961 he went to Ohio State University as an assistant professor of surgery, a member of the attending staff of the University Hospital, administrator of the Medical Surgical Lecture Course and the resident Training Program in Surgery. He was also a general surgeon specializing in cardiovascular surgery. The medical class of the Ohio State University in 1964 elected him "Man of the Year".

In 1967, Dr. Marable and Dr. Samuel Roberts, also a surgeon at the Ohio State University Medical Center, spearhead the first medical helicopter program, called the Medicopter Program.

He married Audrey Smith and they had three daughters and two sons. Dr. Marable died at Ohio State University Hospital in 1970 following a brief illness After his death the University of California College of Medicine dedicated a new surgical library to Dr. Samuel A. Marable. He is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

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