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Guidi Guido

Born 1508
Died 1569

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Florentine surgeon, anatomist and physician, born February 10, 1508, Florence; died May 26, 1569, Pisa. He is usually referred to under his Latin name: Vidus Vidius.

Biography of Guidi Guido

Guido Guidi, who is usually known under his Latin name of Vidus Vidius, was born in Florence. His father was a physician, his mother a daughter of the painter Domenico Ghirlandajo (1449-1495). Guidi first practiced medicine in his native town. In 1842, due to his reputation, king François I of France called him to a professorship in medicine at the Collège de France in Paris, where he was also made first personal physician to his benefactor.

In 1847, following the King’s death, duke Cosmo I (1519-1574) of Tuscany invited him to become professor of philosophy and medicine at Pisa, where he was in high favour with the princes, who bestowed honours upon him. After his death in 1569 his body was taken to Florence and buried in the church Annunziata.

Guidi’s main contributions were to anatomy. It is difficult, however, to ascertain any new discoveries to him, as all of his anatomical works were published posthumously by his nephew Guidi, and it is obvious that these works also contain discoveries made by Vesalius and Fallopius.

In his lifetime Guidi enjoyed a great reputation. Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571), who made his acquaintance in Paris, says of him: “Molto prima io doveva ricordare dalla guadagnata amicizia del più virtuoso, del più amorevole, e del più domestico uomo dabbene, ch’io conoscessi mai al mondo. Questo si fu Messer Guido Guidi, excellente medico e dottore e nobil cittadino Fiorentino."

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