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Ian A. Olson

Born  1939

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    British physician, born 1939.

    Biography of Ian A. Olson

    In 1969 Ian A. Olson was in the Department of Physiology, University of Bristol. By 2007 he was quondam Professor Of Human Morphology and Experimental Pathology. Olson was co-discoverer of 22q13 Deletion Syndrome, and the oligosynthetic lymph node.

    Besides medicine, Olson has a parallel research life as an ethnologist/folklorist.


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    • I. A. Olson:
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      Journal of Anatomy, London, 1969, 105 (2): 381-382.
      This article concerns the point of localisation of the lateral antecutaneous nerve of forearm, for local anaesthesia. The surgical literature in several countries now refer's regularly to "Olson's Point" and "Olson's Test"
    • Eric Roulot:
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    • Ian A. Olson:
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