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Friedrich Wilhelm Theile

Born 1801
Died 1879

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German anatomist, born November 11, 1801, Buttstätt in Grossherzogthum Sachsen-Weimar; died October 20, 1879.

Biography of Friedrich Wilhelm Theile

Friedrich Wilhelm Theile attended the University of Jena in 1819 to study philology. However, he soon changed to medicine and obtained his doctorate at Jena in the autumn of 1825. He then stayed for a period of time in Göttingen, before settling as a practitioner and a lecturer of anthropology at the University of Jena.

Besides this, in 1828 in assosciation with professors Friedrich August Walch (1780-1837) and Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Wackenroder (1798-1854), he took charge of the pharmaceutical institute that had been established by professor Carl Christian Traugott Friedemann Goebel (1794 – 1851). Here Theile lectured on pharmaceutical substances and the history of apothecary.

Early in 1831 he was appointed professor extraordinary at Jena, and in 1834 he accepted an invitation to become professor of anatomy at the newly founded University of Bern. He remained in this position for twenty years.

From 1853, now appointed medical counsellor and member of the Medicinal-Commission, he he practiced medicine in Weimar, but spent most of his time on literary work.

Besides publishing scientific works of his own, Theile translated important foreign works into German. Many of these translations were published in Carl Christian Schmidt's (1792-1855) Jahrbücher der in- und ausländischen gesammten Medicin. This included reviews of the anatomy and physiology of the heart; gross anatomy, physiology and pathology of the lymphatic systsem, on ctretinismus, and on microcephaly.

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