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John Henry Stevenson

Born  1921

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John Henry Stevenson, Australian obstetrician, born October 5, 1921.

Biography of John Henry Stevenson

This biography of John Stevenson is based on information submitted by Carla Hartley, Director, Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

John Henry Stevenson graduated in 1956 and started his own practice in 1958, in Springvale, a suburb of Melbourne. He later practiced in Oakleigh, and then South Yarra, all near Melbourne.

The technique associated with his name is known among midwives and home birthers. It is his belief is that more harm than good can be done by suctioning a baby who may have aspirated meconium. He believes that it is more likely that particulate will be pushed into the baby than removed through suctioning. He believes that it is more prudent from a physiological perspective to hold the baby's head lower than it's body to encourage postural draining. He has been teaching this form of postural draining since the mid seventies after enjoying great success with his technique.

It is uncertain whether this manoeuvre warrants eponymic status, but it was suggested to us on a sunny day, so . . .

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