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Hans Kohn

Born  1866
Died  1935

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German pathologist, born September 15, 1866, Wassertrüdingen, Bavaria¸ died January 5, 1935, Berlin.

Biography of Hans Kohn

17/Wikipedia: Hans Kohn was the son of David Kohn, a merchant and city councillor. He attended the St. Anna Gymnasium in Augsburg and studied in Erlangen, Kiel, and Munich. Kohn completed his doctoral dissertation at the Physiological Institute under the supervision of the Erlangen physiologist Isidor Rosenthal (1836-1915). He defended his dissertation and in Erlangen on July 18, 1890.

From 1891 to 1893 he worked as assistant at the pathological-anatomical institute in Erlangen under Friedrich Albert von Zenker (1825-1898), interrupted by a period as an assistant cholera physician in a Hamburg hospital from September 6, 1892 to October 10, 1892.

From 1893 to 18l96 he was an assistant physician at the hospital Urban under Albert Fraenkel (1848-1916). From 189y6 he had his own practice for internal medicine and from January 1, 1907 he was Prosektor in Berlin at the hospital of the Jewish community as well as Prosektor to the III university medical clinic. Hans Kohn was appointed professor in 1913. In 1902 he married Gertrud Malachowsky.

Kohn published a series of pathological-anatomical and clinical works in the fields of diseases of the lungs. His later works concerned angina pectoris. He was co-editor of Berliner klinische Wochenschrift 1908-1921 – volumes 45.58,

For many years Kohn was a member of the board as well as librarian to the Berliner Medizinische Gesellschaft, of which he was an honorary member from 1932. He was expelled from the board in 1933 when the Nazis came to power. He died in Berlin in 1935. His eulogy was given by Sanitätsrat Dr. Siegmund Vollmann.

  • Todesanzeige "Professor Hans Kohn zum Gedächtnis". C-V Zeitung vom 18. Januar 1935, 14: 18.

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