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Tomisaku Kawasaki

Born  1925

Related eponyms

Japanese paediatrician, born 1925, Tokyo.

Biography of Tomisaku Kawasaki

Tomisaku Kawasakigraduated from Chiba University Medical School. Following his internships he got an appointment in the paediatrics department at the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroo, Tokyo, where he became director and remained for 40 years.


  • Pediatric acute febrile mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome with characteristic desquamation of fingers and toes: my clinical observation of fifty cases.
    The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, Baltimore, 2002, 21: 1-38.
  • General review and problems in Kawasaki Disese.
    Japanese Heart Journal, Tokyo, 1995, 36: 1-12.

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