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Henri Louis Roger

Born 1809
Died 1891

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French internist, born January 6, 1809, Paris; died November 15, 1891, Paris.

Biography of Henri Louis Roger

Henri Louis Roger studied in Paris where he became an intern in 1834 and received his doctorate in 1839. In his student days, British medical students were generally much better off than the French and were seen as an easy source of revenue for French students who offered private courses and anatomical tuition to their English counterparts. These French "teachers" were sometimes accused of exploiting the British pupils. In 1834, Henri Roger provoked the anger of British students by changing the pricing structure of his anatomical demonstrations. One English student noted that Roger was no better than the majority of Frenchmen, whose "sole business and delight seemed to consist in taking or endeavouring to take in the raw "Englishers".

The topic of Roger's doctoral dissertation was to remain his great interest all through his life, De l'auscultation et se valeur semiologique. In 1847 he became agrégé at the medical faculty of Paris. In 1860 he commenced work in the Hôpital Sainte-Eugénie, where he concentrated his efforts on the post-mortem findings in children. He worked there until 1875, when he became an honorary physician – Médecin honoraire – at the same hospital. Roger He was elected member of the Académie de Médecine in 1862, and was also very active in the medical association, being its chairman from 1876 until his death at the age of 83.

Roger made important contributions to paediatrics and was the first to provide systematic clinical instruction in this field.

It was said of him that he always spoke with charming humour and was an elegant writer.

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