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Pierre Alain Bitôt

Born 1822
Died 1888

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French physician, anatomist, physiologist, and surgeon; born 1822, Podensac, département de la Gironde, région Aquitaine; died early February, 1888.

Biography of Pierre Alain Bitôt

Pierre Alain Bitôt went to medical school in Bordeaux where he topped his class in 1846 and gained his M.D. from the faculty of Paris in 1848 with a thesis entitled De la gangrene du pharynx. In 1848 he also joined the anatomy department at the school of medicine - later to become the faculty of medicine - in Bordeaux. There he held posts both in anatomy and physiology, becoming the titular professor of anatomy in 1854 and gained his Chirurgien des Hôpitaux in 1878. He died as chirurgien honoraire of the city hospitals and professeur honorare of the faculty.

Bitôt published on a wide variety of topics, ranging from hare lip to studies of the best form of ligatures to use in limb amputations, the use of quinine sulphate to prevent fever following blood transfusions, as well as some aspects of cerebral anatomy and function.

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