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Karl Friedrich Haase

Born  1788-02-13
Died  1865-11-10

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German gynaecologist, born February 13, 1788, Leipzig; died November 10, 1865, Ober-Lössnitz near Dresden. His name is also commonly spelled Carl Friedrich Haase.

Biography of Karl Friedrich Haase

Karl Friedrich Haase was the son of the Leipzig professor of anatomy Friedrich A. Haase, and brother of Wilhelm Andreas Haase (1784-1837), professor of therapy and pharmacology at Leipzig. Karl Friedrich Haase became doctor of philosophy in 1812, and doctor of medicine in 1813. He was Privatdozent of obstetrics and paediatrics and in 1828 was appointed professor of obstetrics as well as director of the maternity clinic at the medical-surgical academy in Dresden. Besides his other works, he wrote a large number of annual reports in obstetrical journals from the institute he directed.


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