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Marcus Gerbezius

Born 1658
Died 1718

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Austrian (Slovenian) physician, born October 24, 1658, St. Vid, near Stiena; died March 9, 1718, Laibach in the Austrian Duchy of Krain.

Biography of Marcus Gerbezius

A government scholarship enabled Marcus Gerbezius to study philosophy in Laibach, then medicine in Vienna, Padua, and Bologna, obtaining his MD and PhD at Bologna in 1984. He practised medicine in Laibach in the Duchy of Krain, one of many areas in the conglomerate that made up the Austrian empire. Laibach is now Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Here he was also physician to some monasteried. He was named chief physician to the province of Krain/Carniola and became the most sought-after practitioner in Laibach/Ljubljana.

In 1688 he was admitted to the Academia Leopoldina Naturae Curiosum, and in 1701 was a founding member of Academia Operosorum in Ljubljana (president 1712 -1713).

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