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Edmund Weil

Born  1879
Died  1922

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Austrian (Bohemian) bacteriologist, born April 16, 1879, Neustadt near Haid, Westböhmen; died June 15, 1922, Prague.

Biography of Edmund Weil

Edmund Weil attended the German University of Prague. He obtained his doctorate in 1903 and then worked as 2nd assistant under the pathological anatomist Hans Chiari (1851-1916). In 1905 he entered the hygienical institute, at which he assumed leadership of the serological department in 1918. He was habilitated for hygiene in 1909, becoming ausserordentlicher professor in 1914. He died in Prague in 1922 from an infection of spotted fever he had attracted in a laboratory in Poland.

In 1911, with the neuropsychologist Viktor Kafka, Weil described a previously unknown bacteriological reaction, now known as Weil-Kafka reaction. At the time, Kafka was an assistant in the psychiatric clinic of the German faculty in Prague.


Biblioghraphy in Zeitschrift für Immunitätsforschung, 1923, 35: 20.

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