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Juhn Atsushi Wada

Born  1924

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Japanese-Canadian neurosurgeon, born 1924.

Biography of Juhn Atsushi Wada

Juhn Atsushi Wada was born in Tokyo in 1924 and studied medicine at the Hokkaido Imperial University in Sapporo, where his father was professor of international law. He graduated in medicine in 1946 and became Doctor of Science in 1951. He then spent time at the University of Minnesota and the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, before being appointed to the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia in 1956. From then until 1998, Wada spent his academic career at the UBC. From 1966 to 1994 he was an associate of the Medical Research Council of Canada. Wada's main interest as a neurologist has been researching Human Brain Asymmetry and Neurobiology of Epilepsy.

Juhn Atsushi Wada has been the recipient of many internationally renowned awards.

His brother Juro was Founding Chancellor of the World Society of Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, and in 1968 performed Japan’s first heart transplant.

(Information from Canada Heirloom Series)

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