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Luis Enrique Pierini

Born  1899
Died  1987

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Italian-born Argentine dermatologist, 1899-1987. His name has also been given as Luigi E. Pierini.

Biography of Luis Enrique Pierini

Luis Enrique Pierini graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1923. He was was president of Asociacion Argentina de Dermatologia and Sociedad Argentina de Dermatologia; founder and director of Archivos Argentinos de Dermatologia.

Pierini worked in the old Rawson Hospital. It is said of him that he had great humanistic wisdom, was a philosopher, a true scientist, and always ready to lead and protect his many disciples.

Besides Pasini-Pierini disease, his name is associated with Pierini's test, a test based on histamine. With his countryman Julio Martín Borda he described melanotic prurigo in 1947. This condition is sometimes called Pierini-Borda prurigo, or prurigo melanotique de Pierini (in French).

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