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Julius August Christian Uffelmann

Born 1837
Died 1894

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German physician, born January 31, 1837 Zeven in Hannover; died February 17, 1894.

Biography of Julius August Christian Uffelmann

Julius August Christian Uffelmann received his medical education in Göttingen under Friedrich Gustav Jacob Henle (1809-1885), Karl Ewald Hasse (1810-1902), and Wilhelm Baum (1799-1883). He received his doctorate in 1861 and settled in Rostock as a practitioner. He was an assistant in the surgical clinic in Rostock 1861-1862 and then practiced medicine in Neustadt, Hameln until 1864, subsequently until 1876 in Hameln.

That year he was habilitated for paediatrics and hygiene in Rostock, becoming professor extraordinary in 1879, 1883 director of the institute of hygiene, 1890 member of the Grossherzogliche Medizinalkommission, 1893 ordentlicher Honorarprofessor. He represented hygiene and medical history.

Besides his medical works, Uffelmann wrote on the development of Greek medicine, and health care in ancient Rome.

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