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Chong Hai Tay


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Singapore physician.

Biography of Chong Hai Tay

Chong Hai Tay is the first Singapore physician to have a disease named for him in the Western medical literature. He graduated MBBS in Singapore in 1959 and has held appointments to several hospitals in Singapore. From 1964 to 1971 he was a medical intern and registrar in hospitals in England. Dr. Tay is Chairman of the National Arthritis Foundation. He is currently in private practice and a consultant physician and rheumatologist at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital, Mt. Alvernia Hospital and East Shore Hospital. Chong Hai Tay was the first editor of The Scientific Victorian.


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  • H. Tay:
    Treatment of acne vulgaris with topical vitamin A acid.
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  • C. H. Tay:
    Eosinophilic arthritis. Rheumatology, 1999, 38: 1188-1194.
  • L. Xu, C. H. Tay, B. T. Huber, N. H. Sarkar:
    Cloning of an infectious milk-borne mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) DNA from a mammary tumor that developed in an endogenous MMTV-free wild mouse.
    Virology, New York, August 1, 273 (2): 325-232.
  • C. H. Tay, B. T. Pugh, S. R. Clough, B. H. Magee:
    Dermal irritation assessment of three benzene sulfonate compounds.
    International Journal of Toxicology, Washington DC, January/February 2004, 23 (1): 11-16. Other works by C. H. Tay:
  • The Quack. A cyclostyles publication of the Science and Mathematics Society.
  • Some Selected Poems and A Malayan Ballad. A collection of poems.
  • The Birth of a New Day. A collection of poems, 1977.

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