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Olga Imerslund

Born 1907
Died 1987

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Norwegian paediatrician, born April 9, 1907, Vang i Hedmark; died August 23, 1987.

Biography of Olga Imerslund

Olga Imerslund was the daughter of Mikkel Imerslund, a farmer, and Oleane Thorud. She graduated in medicine at the University of Oslo in 1936. During the next five years she worked in hospitals in Halden (19361937), Stavanger (1938) and Trondheim (1938-1941). During World War II she was an assistant physician at Göteborg Barnsjukhus 1941-1942, and 1943-1945 at a hospital run by the Norwegian health authorities in Edinburgh. After the war she worked in the children's department at Ullevål sykehus, Oslo (1947-1948), Rikshospitalet, Oslo (1948-1950, Haukeland sykehus, Bergen (1950-1951), and 1951-1955 again at Rikshospitalet.

She spent time in Copenhagen for further studies in 1949, and 1956-1957 spent one year in the USA with a scholarship. During 1959 to 1961 she was head physician at the Scandinavian teaching Hospital in Korea. She became an approved specialist in children's diseases in 1947, in 1948 also for internal diseases.

Olga Imerslund wrote about 25 articles on paediatric topics.

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