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Mathieu Jaboulay

Born 1860
Died 1913

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French surgeon, born July 3, 1860, Saint-Genis-Laval near Lyon; died November 4, 1913, Paris.

Biography of Mathieu Jaboulay

Mathieu Jaboulay studied at Lyon. He became prosector in 1884 and in 1886 agrégé and chief of anatomical works. In 1892 he became Chirurgien des hôpitaux and in 1902 was appointed professor of clinical surgery.

In 1892 Jaboulay introduced side-to-side gastroduodenostomy and two years later he performed the first known interiloabdominal amputation. In 1906 he carried out the first attempts at human kidney transplantation. He anastomised the renal vessels of a sheep and a pig kidney, respectively, to the brachial vessels of two female patients who were dying of renal failure. Neither kidney worked, but these were the first transplants, albeit xenografts, that had been placed in humans.

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