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Cushman Davis Haagensen

Born 1900
Died 1990

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American surgeon, born July 6, 1900; died September 10, 1990.

Biography of Cushman Davis Haagensen

Cushman Davis Haagensen was a famous breast surgeon who practised at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for fifty years.

His wife was Alice Munro Haagensen. In 1941 they settled in Palisades, NY with their two daughters, Alice and Karen. His wife was the first chairwoman of the Palisades Historical Committee and became known for her book "Palisades and Snedens Landing," published in 1986. She died in January 2006, aged 105 years.

The University of North Dakota awarded him the honorary degree of Dr. of Science 1958. In 1968 he was the recipient of The Ernst W. Bertner Memorial Award from The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

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