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Luigi Calori

Born  1807
Died  1896

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Italian anatomist, born February 8, 1807, San Pietro in Casale; died December 19, 1896.

Biography of Luigi Calori

Luigi Calori studied philosophy and medicine in Bologna, where Francesco Mondini (1786-1844) and Antonio Alessandrini (1786-1961) were his anatomy teachers. He graduated in 1820 and practiced medicine in Bologna from 1831. He became prosector, and from 1835 was professor of anatomy at the academy of painting. In 1844 he was appointed professor of descriptive and topographical anatomy at the University of Bologna.

Medical literature owes him a large number of papers on anatomical, teratological and zootomic, and partly pathological topics, published in the Memorie dell’Academia delle scienze dell Istituto di Bologna, in the Nuovi Commentarii, Nuovi Annali delle scienze naturali, Bulletino and Memoria della Societa medico-chirurgica di Bologna, as well as in the Rivista Clinica di Bologna. Of particular importance is his work on the history of the anatomical school of Bologna.


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