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Robert Clyde Lynch

Born  1860
Died  1931

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American oto-laryngologist, born September 8, 1880, Carson City, Nevada; died May 12, 1931, Richmond, Virginia.

Biography of Robert Clyde Lynch

Robert Clyde Lynch was the son of Minerva Ann Maitlen and William Mercer Lynch, who were married on November 16, 1879. He graduated from the Tulane University and subsequently concentrated on oto-laryngology, for which he received further education abroad. He became a surgeon at the New Orleans Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and professor of otology at the Post Graduate School of Medicine at the Tulane University. Lynch was an excellent technician and operator and also distinguished himself in the field of cinematography of the larynx. Lynch was a co-publisher of the "Archives of Oto-laryngology.


  • Technic of a pan-sinus operation.
    Southern Medical Journal, Birmingham, Alabama, 1924, 17: 289-292.
    An operation for the conservative treatment of sinusitis. A similar operation was decribed in 1921 by Walter Goldie Howart (1879-1962).

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